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Our lending process starts with the determination of loan likelihood. We, at Cash Suvidha, set the limit of loan prospect on a dynamic cut, called as Suvidha Score. Our lending department defines this score on the basis of six elementary factors which are listed below.

Score improvement is directly proportional to the loan likeliness which doesn't require any unbending science - your willingness can bring it up. Unlike the other lending providers we are not just dependent only one factor i.e. CIBIL score. You may still be eligible for a loan even if your CIBIL score is not good while the combination of all of above factors determining your Suvidha Score is good or at least satisfactory.

In association with the advisory club, our lending team adds its complete knowledge and involves great effort in maximizing the Suvidha Scores of our respected clients. Hundreds of examples are there where this score is gradually improving.

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  • Rajesh Saini

    Rajesh Saini


    "I started a small scale medicine business three years back. I was trying for upgrade my investment size, but I was unable to do so, due to due lack of finance. Cash Suvidha, provided me loans and invoice financing. I recommend it for their Fast approval and quick dispersal process."

  • Deepak Sharma

    Deepak Sharma


    "Obviously Usha Financial is not the leading group that's dealing with SME and MSME loans; many companies are there. In term of providing easy finance especially small loan, they are far ahead of the race. We're appreciating it because it helped us in the establishment of our dream."

  • Azmat Ali

    Azmat Ali


    "From last six years I was working in a juice processing firm. It was helping me in managing the family expenses, but I had an intention to establish my own business. I tried my best to pass my project for a loan from many companies but, Cash Suvidha Helped with their expertise of providing secure and unsecure loan to me many times."

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar


    "Being a beneficiary of a startup loan in recent days, I personally love to invite my friends to get connected with this fintech platform; it's far-fetched. It's not bothering about a rejection; your loan appeal will be rectified here and allowed for fast movement"

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